Carita Skin Treatments

Intensive anti-ageing, luxurious & highly effective lifting treatments.

CARITA is the fusion of Science and Nature.

Now in the UK, you can relax in the sensuous luxury of one of the famous CARITA treatments and enjoy the ultimate rejuvenating skincare experience.

Discover the beauty secrets of celebrities, and see for yourself the instant revitalising and lifting effects that one single treatment will produce.

Each facial incorporates a personalised diagnosis of your skin to ensure the most effective treatment is prescribed. The exclusive combination of sculpting currents, ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies for dramatic visible results.

Every Carita treatment delivers the ultimate in rejuvenation, relaxation and anti-aging skincare experience.

We recommend CARITA treatments to be taken as a course of 3 or 5 treatments to achieve maximum firming and lifting results, thereafter a monthly maintenance is recommended.

Carita Face 30min 60min

Genesis of Youth - Revitalising Toning Care
£40.00 £74.00

A deeply relaxing rejuvenating treatment combined with the renowned youth boosting cares containing Vernonia plant active ingredient to ensure intensive revitalising results. Immediately the skin appears visibly firmer, radiant and shimmering with youth.

Holistic Hydration Lagoon
£40.00 £74.00

Refreshing Replenishing Care - Dehydrated Skin

Dive into Polynesian water and give your skin a burst of moisture. Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness, leaving it radiant and hydrated

Holistic Soothing Cotton Tender Smoothing Care - Sensitive Skin
£40.00 £74.00

Regain skin comfort and softness with Cotton extract to soothe away imbalances. Specifically designed for sensitive skin, this “cocooning” treatment will restore the skin and leave it soothed, more comfortable and perfectly harmonised.

NEW Resurfacing Peel & Reveal- reveal smoother, more luminous & radiant skin
£40.00 £74.00

This new Carita peel delivers pure and potent ingredients into the skin precisely where it needs it most. Skin is left feeling renewed, revitalized with a smooth and refined flawless texture. Suitable for all skin types.

Cinetic Lift 60min 90min

The exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatical visible results after just 1 treatment.

Cinetic Expert Lift £85.00 £120.00

Micro Cinetic Lift (45mins) £55.00


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Carita Skin Treatments Carita Skin Treatments